Join USU Language Exchange now to start swapping languages and making friends from all around the world! It’s FUN, it’s FLEXIBLE to your needs and availability, and best of all it’s FREE!
Please note that although USU will endeavour to meet your requirements we cannot guarantee this. In cases where language availability is limited, current University of Sydney students and ACCESS members will be given preference over non-students and non-members. You may be asked to present your student ID card and/or ACCESS membership.
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Your language buddy will be someone wanting to learn or practise the language(s) you've listed. Now we need to know what you're looking for!

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Because you're being paired with students who aren't actually teachers per se, we'd rather match you in a language you're already speaking at an intermediate or advanced level. This way you can focus on conversation practice, which is where Language Exchange is at its best!
Which languages do you already speak (at an intermediate/advanced level) and want to practise? *

Remember; the more languages you choose, the higher the chances of us finding you a match!

We'll try to find you a match for {{answer_50264321}} first, but if that doesn't work out, are you interested in learning a brand new language? *

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Remember; the more languages you choose, the higher the chances of us finding you a match!

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By submitting this form you are consenting to University of Sydney Union (USU) contacting you at {{answer_dW1S}} in relation to Language Exchange. You are also consenting to USU sharing your name and languages spoken with potential language buddies in order to better match you.
Thanks for registering for USU Language Exchange {{answer_u8um}}! We'll be in touch towards the end of July to get you set up for Semester Two :)
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